Yes! Now you can sell Feed posts separately to cater to those who would like to have a preview of your private Feed content, or to members who are hesitant to get a membership yet would really like to know what’s inside.

In order to set a price to a post, set it to subscribers only and enter the price.

If I set post price, will my Feed subscribers still need to pay for it?

If the Feed post price is set, fans are able to unlock this post without having a subscription to your Feed, if the price is not set, this specific post is available for your Feed subscribers only. Also, it is important to know that after the first sale of the locked post, it will not be possible to edit such posts.

So, basically, your active Feed subscribers will not need to pay or unlock locked posts (unless they want to pay for it additionally), as they are already subscribed and can see all posts you offer in your Feed and enjoy the content you provide. There will be no need for them to pay once again for your Feed. Only non-subscribed users need to pay for the post to actually see its content or choose to subscribe to the entire Feed, and here is an example post they will see:

Also, an important note, in case you set the Expiration date for your post and set the price for it, non-active or active Feed sub who purchased this specific Feed post will be available to see the post even after the post expiry date, as this is the content they paid for. Your regular active Feed subscriber, who did not purchase this specific post, will not be able to see the expired post after the expiry date. Expired posts go right to the Expired tab of your Feed admin.

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