Since you are the creator and sole proprietor of your Feed posts and content, we wanted to provide you with as many management tools as possible.

To maximize the attention your Feed gets, you can pin your best posts to the top, so members will have easy access to something you think is worth pinning. In order to pin your post, just open the edit menu of the post and choose Pin Option

You can also share the link to a specific post via Twitter by simply pressing the Share on Twitter button, or you can copy the link to a specific post. Useful tip! You can use this feature in combination with paid posts so your fans will be able to buy posts separately to maximize your revenue.

Speaking of revenue, if you would like to know detailed statistics on your members’ activity on your Feed posts, you can simply press the “Post statistics” button. It will reveal graphs per day with a total account of the following stats:
Views (how many people viewed your post)
Likes (how many members hit the “like” button)
Comments (how many comments were left on your post)
Unlocks ( if the post was available for purchase, how many members bought this post individually)
Unlocks amount (the revenue count for this specific post)

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