We understand how important it is to communicate with your fans and stay engaged in your personal community. To help you maintain a high level of interactions with your fans, we have provided you with several tools for effective communication.

We are all familiar with likes and comments, the simplest yet best form of communication and interaction you can have with your fans. Each post has a like count and comment section, so feel free to interact with your subscribers all day long, we don't mind! :)

You can ask for your fans’ opinion on anything using poll feature. You can attach one poll per post and include between 2 to 20 reply options for your members to vote on. Be mindful that only members who are logged in to their accounts can vote. Your members can view the results only when they vote. Votes cannot be revoked or edited.

To add a poll to a post, simply click the Add Poll button and there will be an option to add questions and reply options.

Audio files!

Now you can attach audio files to a post and record special messages for your fans. Not only will this increase engagement on your profile, but it will also allow you to build a personal connection with your fans and bring individuality to your content.

Once you press record button, you will see a warning pop up that informs you that you are about to record an audio message. Press "Start recording" to be be able to create an audio post. If you changed your mind, just press 'Cancel' and you will get back to post editing menu.

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