The feed is a great tool for content distribution as it has a lot of different features that allow you more creative control over your posts. In order to start posting to your Feed, go to the Feed section of your admin.

There, you will be able to start posting by simply pressing the "New Post" button.

Access settings. You can decide if the post will be available for everyone (public) or Feed subscribers only (private). Public posts are available to everyone who visits FanCentro, and they are a great way to gain a preview of what to expect in Private posts. Please note, we do not allow full nudity or sexually suggestive content in Public posts.

You will also be able to set an expiration date for the post to determine the time your post is available to viewers. That will allow you to manage the time your content is available and keep interest high, so fans will check your profile regularly to keep from “missing out”.

When you’re done uploading your content, you can add a description and name the post. Once done, hit the Publish button to send the post instantly for approval so it will appear in your Feed.

You can also save it as a draft for future use or cancel the post altogether (in case something goes terribly wrong). Please keep in mind that canceling the post will permanently remove it.

You can always return to an already published post and edit it to your liking. If your post was unpublished by our approval team, please read the notice attached to the unpublished post in order to make the appropriate changes in the content so it can be published again.

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